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June 24, 2014

Definition of Terms

June 23, 2014

OneTaste has very specific definitions of terms.

Oh my god, this is a practice!

June 12, 2014

This might be obvious, but the real effect of OM occurs when you step out in to the world after yours session and you are oozing with Ocytocin and on a blissed out high.

So don’t fret so much about what happens in the practice. Just let the TurnON build and permeate the rest of your day!!!


Orientation Guide

June 7, 2014

For my friends who want to get into Orgasmic Meditation, this is an orientation guide. Here are some important links.


Here is an overview of the process: Nicole Daedone (Founder)’s TED Talk: And here is a link to the Boston Meetup (you may want to search for one closer to you).


And don’t forget to read this FAQ.


The uncreated 3-eyed one

ORGASM is the un-created 3-eyed one, referred to in the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra, The Mantra for Victory Over Death:

OM TRYAM BAKAM YAJAMAHE – oh 3-eyed one we worship you

SUGANDHIM PUSHTI VARDHANAM – your fragrance permeates and sustains every moment

URVA RUKA MIVA BANDHAN – a tremendous sickness has caught me

MRITYOR MUKSHIYA MAMRITAT – it is ignorance. liberate me from it.

What is a 3-eyed one? It is that which sustains and knows about all the various threes:

* waking, dreaming, deep sleep

* past, present, future

* positive, negative, neutral

* father, mother, child

* craving, aversion, equanimity

* up, down, stillness

* life, death, bardo

* dawn, noon, subset

* cheech, chong, cannabis