Origins of Orgasmic Meditation

September 11, 2016

From Noel Morals:

Vic Baranco founded Morehouse. History is on their site.
RJ Testerman founded Welcomed Consensus after he and his friends took classes at Morehouse.
Steve and Vera Bodansky wrote about it in their book.
Nicole studied Deliberate Orgasm at WC where she lived a couple of times.
Later she took classes at Morehouse.
She studied with Ray Vetterlein at his community in Brisbane.
Then she and Rob Kandell started the Insight Institute teaching OM. Insight Institute became OneTaste.
Yia can correct me if I am wrong.

And who was it that walked up to Nicole at a party and told her to pull down her panties, thereby giving her her first experience of OM? It was Erwan Davon.



September 2, 2016

I asked about Lubricant in OM wiki and here is a summary of the responses:

As you can see, I am listing oil-based lubricants because of their viscosity and because I was trained on using lubricants that come from a jar. But water-based organic lubricants such as Good are recommended by some.