The two-pronged failure of OneTaste (an opinion piece)

March 16, 2023

My OM Birthday was May 10, 2014 in Boston, MA… just one day before my biological birthday. I took a weekend course with the staff that came mainly from New York and it was awesome. The next few years were quite amazing… to put it in the words of Ruwan Meepagala: “these last 2 years have been the best decade of my life”… the oxytocin was peaking and connections were being made. And now I write this in 2023, 3 years into the deepest distancing and disconnection this planet has seen in awhile.

Looking back, I have felt there were 2 principal failings of OneTaste

Failing 1 – for-profit institute

I sometimes received calls out of the blue. Other times after a Turn-ON I was approached. But in all cases, someone was approaching me as if I were a paycheck to them or OT. The conversation was being held to motivate the need for me to take another course beyond the intro course.

When certain people could not get me to take the course, they would become angry because their precious pseudo-truth of being-separate and being able to create their reality was failing in front of their eyes.

Failing 2 – Violent conflict resolution

I attended 2 conflict resolution sessions in OT. Neither I or the other party had any training in what was occurring. And both I and the other party were behaving as if each other was at fault. Imagine that: a group that swears that building up your orgasm allows you to create your reality has conflict resolution sessions that amount to nothing more than blaming, shaming and finger-pointing.

I have trained in non-violent communication and it would’ve been a better way to interact

Non-violent communication is a well-established and successful approach to dealing with conflict. But one key thing about NVC is: you can make offers and you can express your feelings and needs and you can seek strategies that meet both parties needs. But ultimately, you do not have any control over the other party.

This is in contrast the OT practice of banning people simply for speaking their mind: they had no interest in non-violent, compassionate communication. the conflict sessions were violent expressions of fear and the strategies were not cooperative or harmonic.

Failing 3 – trying to ignore long-established spiritual truths

If you take a look at a “solid” spiritual system such as yoga-vedanta or Buddhism, you will find some commonality in theory and practice. And the commonalities amongst bona fide spiritual systems are well at-odds with what oneTaste was trying to do. In all fairness, OneTaste did deify Orgasm, but they did so as a for-profit educational company not as a not-for-profit religious organization. So the comparison is not fair. But again,

the main failing of OneTaste was their attempt to be a for-profit institute…. and teach a practice whose very basis is: an OM is transaction-free – can you see the hypocrisy?

But let’s take a quick look at the less-than-fun spirituality of quality systems and compare it with OneTaste. let’s use basic Theravada Buddhism:

bona fide spiritualityOneTaste Comments
There is no personal self: most of what you ascribe to yourself is impersonal phenomena passing by. Sure you can attach or reject such phenomena, but that is simply an attempt to glue things on to a fictional you that does not really existYou are a unique powerful individual who has the courage to live their convictions through the power of Orgasm.Most people in OneTaste are tragically identified with a body that they have no true ownership over. At the moment of death, they will look back at their body and all their connections with attachment and remorse.
Whatever is perceived is impermanent: it rises and it falls if left alone. Suffering occurs when you try to persist something. And it is a futile effort because impermanence is the great law.You can be, do and have whatever you want if you have a regular OM practice and fill up on Orgasm…and if you pay for our advanced courses… they had the nerve to charge their own staff… I know staff who took out loans to go to Magic School.
Phenomena occurs due to the doctrine of dependent origination: when it is time for something to occur it will and “you” have no control over it occurring or going away.You are a unique powerful individual who has the courage to live their convictions through the power of Orgasm.
Desire is the basis of suffering – because desire means the mind is not relaxed. When you get what you desire, the mind relaxes momentarily, until another pops. The way to freedom is to note the thought of desire and return to your object of meditation. The way to suffering is to chase after desire.Desire is your birthright: You can be, do and have whatever you want if you have a regular OM practice and fill up on Orgasm. Very few serious spiritual paths glorify desire. They warn against it. You might find a crazy-wisdom Tibetan tantra (tan = body, tra=system) teacher who uses desire for liberation.

Orgasm: The Hippie Movement of the Millenials

OneTaste and Orgasmic meditation could have been the new hippie movement. With OM experience group OM sessions, oxytocin was peaking and flying and the connection juice was snowballing into a worldwide true-love affair: love does not need time: only intimacy needs that. I have had 15 minute OMs of complete merging with my other partner and in most cases, I knew nothing about the other person other than their name and the fact that when I asked “would you like to OM?” they said yes and got down to business.

The reason that oneTaste and OM did not become the hippie movement is that they tried to charge money for their Free Love, unlike the hippies.

Another reason that oneTaste and OM did not become the hippie movement is that their conflict resolution sessions were not based on peace and love, unlike the hippies.

And the reason the hippie movement and onetaste are no longer around is because both movements were spirited not spiritual. A spirited practice is one where you work yourself up into some sort of peak state and then deify that state. A spiritual practice is one where there is no you and any sort of state, be it peak state or trough state is temporary and not worth trying to achieve and most certainly not worth being attached to and by all means nothing to charge people money for.

Now it’s time to share frames

I’ve received feedback on this article, primarily from OMwiki, the independent non-partisan voice of Orgasmic Meditation

“But it was spectacularly successful”

One viewer of this post wrote:

You say in your article that OneTaste failed because it attempted to be a for profit institute. It didn’t fail. Its objective was to maximize profit. In that respect it was spectacularly successful and made the principal founder very rich.

name witheld for privacy reasons

First things first, you say “It didn’t fail.” – oh really, so where is it today if it didn’t fail?

Next you say: “Its objective was to maximize profit” -> ok, so how much profit are they generating now? the profit they generated is similar to a male shooting his wad. Profitability without sustainabilty is nothing in my eyes and they have not sustained themselves as a company because they formed a predatorial relationship with their user base. And that penchant for profits is what possibly ran many people off. It certainly was offensive to me.

Next you say: “made the principal founder very rich.” – well, ‘rich’ is one thing, wealthy is another. Wealth includes healthy relationships and long-term growth. So yes, I would say she became rich but at the expense of not becoming wealthy… and she did it at the expense of other people becoming broke financially, emotionally, socially and otherwise.

Finally we have to be clear about what we mean about OneTaste. once Nicole sold OneTaste, they started charging 10 to 100 times what the fees were under Nicole. And they promptly shuttered their doors a year or two later… now, why did that happen? lawsuits? criminal investigation? I’m not sure. All I can say is that when I smell money on someone’s breath, it repulses me and probably did the same to others. But in the end it’s just guesswork.