success story – through pain to pleasure

January 19, 2015

When I started Oming my body was tight, and my pussy was tender, sore, and the tissues along my G-spot and walls were hard to the touch. I would experience intense burning sensations whenever a man entered me, and his cock or a finger would rub against my G-spot. My walls had a rigidity to them when egordgment happened. They wouldn’t expand easily causing restriction and discomfrot during arousal. Most of the sex I have had in the last two years as been a continual practice of breathing into the discomfor and knowing that its a work in progress. Each day it got a little better, each om there was one less moment that felt like glass shards, each time I had sex he could go a little deeper.

Things really began to shift when I did the Orgasm Mastery program. All those emotions, fears, and self limiting beleifs I had compiled and kept locked down in my pussy began to get released. It was the experience of being held in a container so well and lovingly that every dark shadow, every hidden emotion, every tight sore place I never wanted to show anybody had a chance to come into the light and be fully loved. And it was done in such a way that I found connectin and support as I rode the roller coaster of my experiences. After the mastery intensive I had the lay of the land of my body and the places I was stuck and needed work. Om had started my opening a year earlier, Mastery had rooted int he foundation for my sex and showed me

Mastery had rooted int he foundation for my sex and showed me what was possible, and today after two years my body is the transformation that is possible from a deep steady om practice and continaully saying yes that next deeper thing.

I felt my G spot last night and the walls of my pussy. My breathe caught in my throat. My Gspot was soft to the touch, the walls thick engorged and pliable. At one of my first classes with Nicole she talked about this experirence where a womans pussy as it turns on begins to engordges and fill. The walls would become convex instead of concave. Soft and expansive able to fully enveloping a cock when it entered it.

My pussy is there. That place that I had set as a marker of my opening two years early has been reached. My pussy is soft, expansive, warm, moist, and welcoming. My Om practie has been steadily increasing from weekly to daily, to immersion into the world of organs. The potency of this practie is really in the example of the lived experince of it. I reached the place I imagined it woudl take me years to reach in two years of deep immersive practice. I continually said yes when the oppertunity showed it self, I leaned in and did the hard, painful uncomfortable work, and I stayed connected in those places were I felt like popping out and running away.

This practice is potent. It felt like I had started below what was “normal” in my sex, my sexual expression, and my ability to relate and stay connected. I essentially had started at empty and had been working back up to full. I feel like I have reached that baseline now of “normal” and “full”. If this is how amazing being filled feels I cant quite bleieve what awaites me in the years to come as I dive deeper and really dedicate myself to not being an ordianry human being but an extrodianry one. As a friend said to me full is the new empty.

— A.┬áBlanck