Is this really a spiritual practice?

February 5, 2016

I think a certain R.O. echoed the thoughts of many naysayers of Orgasmic Meditation in a hub thread when he said:

OM is not a spiritual or sacred practice. It is a sensual practice. I am not saying it isn’t valuable, but it is not a sacred path or practice like Buddhism, HInduism, Jainism etc. When I say the name is a turnoff I mean just that. It is a very clever marketing name indeed. OM – Orgasmic Meditation. I mean, damn, that’s awesome advertising.But “OM” is a truly sacred word, the first sound ever made in the Universe by the Creator. The turn off is that it’s false advertising. It implies a spiritual practice but it’s not. When I speak to people who have been around the organization for a long time they will say, “it’s not a spiritual practice, but it is a practice.” So is piano playing. So is gymnastics. This is the practice of orgasm. That’s a great thing. But it’s not a path to oneness with God. If people tell you that it is they are utterly confused. I truly hope the organization isn’t now saying that it is – I’ve never heard them say that, so I have no argument with them. Be very careful. False practices can really trip you up. Meaning, by all means practice OMing just know what it is and what it isn’t.

Now other people have said that OM is not spiritual because it has a very strict sequence of well-defined procedures.

Now let’s compile all the reason that OM is a spiritual practice: