Hall of Fame

July 3, 2014

These are the greatest things ever written about Orgasmic Meditation

  1. Always that first touch on my pussy” by Valerie Spinner.
  2. Within six weeks of starting this activity, I had completely healed the condition that was causing me pain, woke up my libido, and was having sex that was deeply pleasurable.After 20 years of only experiencing pain during sex, I cannot express how much this shift meant to me. ” – Sarah Kennedy (as a side note, Rachel Cherwitz was diagnosed as anorgasmic by a medical doctor. She is now one of the most sought-after strokees on an international level. So much for that doctor’s opinion. And Ayries Blanck? Icicicles every time she received stroking. No more).
  3. Is OM a Sacred Practice by C.A. – the comments of Hamza Tayeb on this thread show the power of nondualism over the this-that approach of those who consider some things and other things profane. An OM naysayer gets blasted by me in a metaphysical duel of wits (hahaha, yeah right).