The uncreated 3-eyed one

June 7, 2014

ORGASM is the un-created 3-eyed one, referred to in the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra, The Mantra for Victory Over Death:

OM TRYAM BAKAM YAJAMAHE – oh 3-eyed one we worship you

SUGANDHIM PUSHTI VARDHANAM – your fragrance permeates and sustains every┬ámoment

URVA RUKA MIVA BANDHAN – a tremendous sickness has caught me

MRITYOR MUKSHIYA MAMRITAT – it is ignorance. liberate me from it.

What is a 3-eyed one? It is that which sustains and knows about all the various threes:

* waking, dreaming, deep sleep

* past, present, future

* positive, negative, neutral

* father, mother, child

* craving, aversion, equanimity

* up, down, stillness

* life, death, bardo

* dawn, noon, subset

* cheech, chong, cannabis