Power of OM

December 28, 2014

Orgasmic Meditation is FAR more powerful than it looks. There is NO WAY that you will ever know anything about this practice without attending a TurnON or How to OM Course. No way. Even I thought it was nothing more than a silly frat party trying to make-believe it was a spiritual system. Until you have met the advanced practitioners in person, please do yourself and the world a favor and withold judgement until then.

Here is a brief collection of stories of how OM has changed people’s live:

I was diagnosed anorgasmic by a doctor in my 20s, and thought, “As a woman if I can’t touch that place of deep electricity then what’s the point?”

Learned of OM and moved cross-country to take a class. From the first stroke that penetrated in my first OM, I could intuit what was possible and have been devoted to OM ever since. The diagnosis I was given was dead wrong.

— Rachel Cherwitz


I’ve been OMing for 2.5 years. OMing has taught me to feel into my body and notice where I am not saying something important. Now I am more open with my communication. I continue to practice OM because I notice that even though I’ve made great progress I still have the ability to go deeper, be more vulnerable, and allow more connection.

— Sarah B.