OM isn’t a pleasure practice

May 13, 2015

The journey of the strokee is to experience the truth that any stroke can be gotten off on. Anything.

OM isn’t a pleasure practice. Pleasure has diminishing returns. It feels good, sure–but after a while it alone isn’t very interesting. It’s like having only one movie that you ever watch. Even if it’s a great movie.

OM is the practice of feeling what’s here, all the way. No matter what it is. And get off on it.

This morning in an OM I felt incredibly frustrated. He wasn’t on my spot. I didn’t even know where my spot was! Nothing was working. My skin was burning, my jaw was tight, hot lines stabbed though my body.

In any other context this would have been “bad” and a problem. He wasn’t on my spot!! I was upset!! Bad!!

But in OM, it’s one place where good and bad don’t exist. It’s just sensation. It’s just another thing to feel that is valid, true, and worthwhile. And something that can be gotten off on.

So I started to feel it and savor it. I let the lines stab and my skin burn. I ached. I hated. I just let it happen–because it’s what was happening!

Despite my story it was a actually just sensation. And quite a rich and intense amount of it. No different in value than the kind that I judge feels “good.” So I just felt and I turned all of those stabbing lines into enjoyment, I saturated myself with them. I let them in and said yes to them.

That is how strokees get free in OM. That’s how I’ve gotten free.

Bez Maxwell